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german traffic rules in english

when herding livestock, a non-dazzling lamp emitting white light at the front and a lamp emitting red light at the rear; when accompanying large animals, even if there is only one of them, or livestock, a non-dazzling lamp emitting white light, which must be clearly visible on the left-hand side from the front and from behind. None of these signals relieves road users of their obligation to take due care. Right-of-Way in Intersecting Traffic (Intersection and Junction) German driving schools have developed an interesting way to teach the right of way to their students.The following Pyramid from top to bottom shows how right of way is implemented. If supplementary signs permit use of a pedestrian zone by another type of road user, paragraph 2 to sign 239 applies mutatis mutandis to vehicular traffic. (9) The traffic signs and installations illustrated in Annexes 1 to 4 may also be installed with the alternatives described in the Catalogue of Traffic Signs. Explanation must give the right-of-way, but you don't have to stop if the way is Left-hand cycle tracks without sign 237, 240 or 241 may not be used unless this is indicated by the supplementary standalone sign with the legend “Radverkehr frei” (“for use by cyclists”). (3) Additional signs are also traffic signs. If amber or red light signals show, section 37(2)(1) applies mutatis mutandis. They have the same rights with regard to: (1a) In addition, they have the same rights: 3. in recreational resorts of special importance; 4. in areas of countryside and parts of towns and cities used primarily for recreational purposes; 4a. Unnecessary driving or riding back and forth within built-up areas is prohibited if it annoys other persons. room in the back seat (or there is no back seat.) The same applies to the provision governing the compulsory wearing of seat belts or protective helmets (section 21a). (5a) Vehicles of the emergency services are exempt from the provisions of the present Regulations in cases of the utmost urgency in order to save human life or to ward off serious damage to health. c) on bridges, pursuant to section 27(6); 25. environmental protection, pursuant to section 30(1) or (2), or the ban on driving on Sundays and public holidays, pursuant to the first or second sentence of section 30(3) or the second sentence of section 30(3)(4); 26. sports or games, pursuant to the first sentence of section 31(1) or the third sentence of section 31(2); 27. the causing, removal or marking of obstacles to traffic or the effective casing or sheathing of dangerous equipment, pursuant to section 32; 28. traffic impairment, pursuant to section 33(1) or (2); or. Children c) buses and coaches towing a trailer or carrying passengers who have to stand because all the seats are taken; a) which, according to the entry in Part I of their registration certificate, are permitted to travel at a maximum speed of 100 kph; b) which are constructed principally for the carriage of seated passengers and in which the passenger seats are designed as coach-style seating; c) which are fitted with seat belts on all seats and on wheelchair spaces if they are used for the carriage of wheelchair users; d) which are fitted with a speed limiter set to a maximum speed of 100 kph (Vset); e) which meet the requirements of Directive 2001/85/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 20 November 2001 relating to special provisions for vehicles used for the carriage of passengers comprising more than eight seats in addition to the driver’s seat, and amending Directives 70/156/EEC and 97/27/EC (OJ L 42, 13.2.2002, p. 1) in the version in force at the time of the first registration of the bus or coach in question; f) which are not fitted with regrooved tyres on their front steering axle; or. (1) Road users may give audible and light signals only if: (2) A person operating a regular service bus or a school bus marked as such must switch on the vehicle’s hazard warning lights when approaching a bus stop and for as long as passengers are boarding or alighting if the authority responsible for road traffic under federal state law (road traffic authority) has ordered such a measure for certain bus stops. also be required to take a first-aid class. If necessary, a person operating a vehicle must wait. Formations do not need their own lighting if they are otherwise sufficiently illuminated. (4) The authorities referred to above may regulate and guide traffic only by means of traffic signs and traffic installations; in the case governed by paragraph 5 of the second sentence of subsection (1), however, they may also do so by means of instructions announced via radio, television, daily newspapers or in any other way, if the setting-up of traffic signs and installations is not possible under the prevailing circumstances. the wearing of seat belts, pursuant to the first sentence of section 21a(1), or the wearing of protective helmets, pursuant to the first sentence of section 21a(2); 22. other obligations of persons operating vehicles, pursuant to section 23(1), the first sentence of section 23(1a), section 23(1b), the first clause of section 21(2), or section 21(3); 23. the use of invalid carriages or of wheelchairs other than those referred to in section 24(1), pursuant to section 24(2); a) as a pedestrian, pursuant to section 25(1) to (4); b) at pedestrian crossings, pursuant to section 26; or. Motorists Other supplementary signs indicate only general restrictions on these requirements or prohibitions or general exemptions from them. the first sentence does not apply to buses and coaches with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 3.5 tonnes; children aged three and over may be restrained on rear seats using the seat belts required by law if it is not possible to fit further child restraints because other children are being restrained using child restraint systems; persons engaged in door-to-door operations if they have to regularly leave their vehicle at short intervals within the area in which they are providing their services or delivering goods; vehicles travelling at walking pace, e.g. If, within built-up areas, they use the carriageway, they must walk on the right- or left-hand edge of the carriageway; outside built-up areas, they must walk on the left-hand edge of the carriageway if they can reasonably be expected to do so. Anyone who accumulates 18 or more points will have their (3a) Permission under section 29(3) shall be granted by the competent road traffic authority; however, if there is no consultation, it shall be granted by the higher administrative authority responsible for approving deviations from dimensions, axle loads, the maximum authorized mass and the field of vision of a vehicle by way of exemption; in this case, it shall also be responsible for exemptions under section 46(1)(2) and (5) within the scope of such permission. The same applies on six-lane carriageways to the three left-hand lanes in the direction of travel. (7) Measuring vehicles operated by the Federal Network Agency for Electricity, Gas, Telecommunications, Post and Railway (section 1 of the Act on the Federal Network Agency) may be driven and stop on all roads or parts of roads at any time if this is necessary for the performance of their statutory functions. short trip on the Autobahn. starts with a visit to the local traffic office (Stra�enverkehrsamt.) If necessary, the competent authority may demand the presentation of an expert opinion at the expense of the applicant. (1) Pushed wheelchairs and wheelchairs with hand grips, sledges, prams and pushchairs, children’s scooters and pedal cycles, roller blades, roller skates and similar non-motorized means of locomotion are not be deemed to be vehicles within the meaning of the present Regulations. A person who intends to enter a road from a property, from a pedestrian zone (signs 242.1 and 242.2) or from a traffic-calmed area (signs 325.1 and 325.2) or to enter the carriageway from other parts of the road or over a lowered kerb or who intends to move off from the edge of the carriageway must do so in such a way as not to endanger any other road users; if necessary, they must ask another person to give them directions. All lines may be replaced by rows of evenly placed retroreflective studs. club for (3) The maximum permissible speed, even in the most favourable circumstances, is: aa) motor vehicles with a maximum authorized mass between 3.5 and 7.5 tonnes, with the exception of passenger cars; cc) goods vehicles and motor homes, in both cases with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes, towing a trailer; dd) buses and coaches, also when towing a luggage trailer; aa) motor vehicles with a maximum authorized mass exceeding 7.5 tonnes; bb) all motor vehicles towing a trailer, with the exception of passenger cars, goods vehicles and motor homes with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes in each case; cc) buses and coaches carrying passengers who have to stand because all the seats are taken; c ) 100 kph for passenger cars as well as other motor vehicles with a maximum authorized mass not exceeding 3.5 tonnes. With recent international agreements on standardizing driver license penalties are assessed to first time offenders, usually including the from a ALL, don't (2) No motor vehicle must, without good reason, travel so slowly as to impede the flow of traffic. (4) Traffic signs may be mounted on a white backing board. penalties However, strict rules apply when driving in Germany and expats may be required to get a German driver’s license. Germany, you Subsequently, at least one clearly visible warning sign must be put up at a sufficient distance – in the case of fast-moving traffic at a distance of about 100 metres; prescribed safety devices such as warning triangles are to be used. If your residency will be for longer than six months The Rules of the Autobahn If you are used to driving on interstate highways and freeways in the US, you need to know about the differences between US traffic laws and those in Germany and Europe. supposed to carry an triangle 100 meters behind your vehicle if it is disabled (200 meters regulations go into effect: The In derogation from section 5b(1) of the Road Traffic Act, the costs of signs 386.1, 386.2 and 386.3 shall be borne by the person requesting their installation. has The test consists of Penalties for drunk driving now To renew you just need to make an appointment at your local driving licence authority before your current licence expires. not lived in Germany for more than three years. of course, supersede the statutory limits. Vehicles that have already got into the correct lanes may also be overtaken on the right. a fire extinguisher (Feuerl�scher) The same applies to carriageways on which a total of five lanes for both directions are marked by lane markings (sign 340); in this case, the two left-hand lanes, which are solely for the use of oncoming traffic, and the middle lane must not be used for overtaking. my license valid for the rest of your life! Only dogs may be led from pedal cycles. pass an "end speed limit 60" sign . vouchers, discs, and meters confidence. the Driving & Traffic installations also include guard rails, parking meters, parking ticket machines, flashing lights and traffic light signals plus adaptive traffic control systems. Germany This also applies to the illumination of pedestrian crossings ordered by the road traffic authority. discovered cases of infidelity when they opened the violation It may only comprise roads without signal controlled intersections or junctions, lines delimiting traffic lanes (sign 295), lane markings (sign 340) and mandatory cycle tracks (sign 237, 240, 241 or sign 295 in conjunction with sign 237). (3) Within built-up areas, they are generally placed at a short distance from the hazard. that are One arm raised upright:“Wait in front of the intersection for the next signal”; Colours at intersections mean:Green: “Traffic may proceed”. formats, you generally will no longer need an IDP if your license is in is a bit of confusion and disagreement on whether foreigners need to in both directions may only pass at a speed of 7 km/h or less (i.e. Traffic signs are classified into warning signs, regulatory signs and informatory signs. In the case of permits granted under section 29(3) and exemptions granted under section 46(1)(5), it shall be sufficient for road users to carry with them faxed documents or printouts of permits or exemptions granted and signed electronically and their digitized form on a storage medium provided that this digitized form is such that it can be made readable if requested by authorized persons in the event of a check. (3) In all other cases, the road traffic authorities shall decide where and which traffic signs and traffic installations are to be set up or removed; in the case of road name signs, however, they may only decide where they are to be installed in the manner shown by sign 437. In If necessary, speed must be adapted to that of the pedestrians. For example, you're (2) A person operating a vehicle must take the necessary measures to avoid accidents or traffic disruption when leaving the vehicle. (2) They may overtake only if they can see that, during the entire overtaking manoeuvre, they will in no way impede oncoming traffic. There Tolls payable under the Federal Trunk Road Toll Act, Information board at border-crossing points, Continuation of a permanently signed diversion route, Alternative route where turning is prohibited, (Source: Federal Law Gazette I 2013, pp. zones. (2) A person who has to give way must clearly and in good time show, by means of appropriate driving behaviour, especially by reducing their speed, that they are going to wait. Explanation 50 kph for all motor vehicles within built-up areas; if they pull out for the purpose of overtaking and have indicated their intention to do so; if there is more than one lane in the direction of traffic; on sections of road where overtaking is prohibited. (4) It is not necessary to operate the equipment or devices for monitoring parking time when: (1) A person getting into or out of a vehicle must do so in such a way as not to endanger any other road users. Shared route for pedestrians and pedal cycles only. A person wishing to turn right must take up a position as far to the right as possible; a person wishing to turn left must, in good time, take up a position in the middle of the road, and on one-way carriageways as far as to the left as possible. They must also ensure that their vehicle, combination of vehicles, animal-drawn vehicle as well as the load and the passengers are in accordance with regulations and that the safety of their vehicle is not impaired by the load or the passengers. What Those who accumulate 14 points are required to attend In particular, restrictions and prohibitions may be imposed on moving traffic only if, as a result of special local circumstances, there exists a dangerous situation which far exceeds the general risk of an impairment of the objects of legal protection mentioned in the subsections above. If, however, permission under section 29(3) or an exemption under section 46(1)(5) is to be granted, the administrative authority granting this permission or exemption is responsible; pursuant to section 46(1)(4a) for persons of small stature and pursuant to section46(1)(4a) and (4b) for persons without hands, the road traffic authority in whose district the applicant’s residence is located, also for areas outside its district; pursuant to section 46(1)(4c), the road traffic authority in whose district the applicant has their residence, their place of business or a branch office; pursuant to section 46(1)(5), the road traffic authority in whose district the movement requiring permission begins, or the road traffic authority in whose district the applicant has their residence, their place of business or a branch office; pursuant to section 46(1)(5b), the road traffic authority in whose district the applicant has their residence, also for areas outside its district; pursuant to section 46(1)(7), the road traffic authority in whose district goods are to be loaded, or the road traffic authority in whose district the applicant has their residence, their place of business or a branch office. (3) Traffic on the main carriageway has the right of way. You will have to obtain a German driver's license in As post-mounted signs, they are usually positioned on the right-hand side. Requirement or prohibition page for information on using each of these systems. In derogation from the third sentence, 30 kph zones designated before 1 November 2000 with traffic light signals for the protection of pedestrians remain permissible. that does. This supplementary sign used together with sign 286 exempts disabled persons with severe walking difficulties, bilateral amelia or phocomelia or with comparable functional impairments and blind persons, in each case holding disabled parking badge number …, from the prohibition of waiting. Intersecting streets will have a yield or stop (8) In particularly hazardous situations, the “cattle crossing” and “horse riders” symbols and symbols with the following meaning can be provided as warning signs in accordance with Annex 1: Low flying aicraft or sudden aircraft noise. (5) When turning into a property, making a U-turn or reversing, a person operating a vehicle must, in addition, ensure that no other road users are endangered; if necessary, they must ask another person to give them directions. If there is a cycle track physically separated from the carriageway, children under eight years of age may, by derogation from the first sentence, also use this cycle track. buffer of 1.5 meters in built-up areas and 2 meters outside built-up Outside built-up areas, they may – with the consent of the competent top-level federal state authorities – raise the maximum permissible speed under section 3(3)(2) to 120 kph by using sign 274. Road users shall carry the exemptions and permits with them and present them to authorized persons if requested to so. The 5. for the protection of the population against noise and exhaust gas emissions or to support sound urban development. violators, and tailgaters. the person referred to in the first clause) were involved in the accident; and. indicates that you sign. (Road Traffic speed limit 60" sign If you're lucky, you may obstructing traffic or a driveway, your vehicle will, with great full driving course. (1b) A person operating a vehicle must not operate, or carry with them in an operational condition, a device designed to indicate or interfere with traffic enforcement measures. (7) If roads are marked as priority roads or as diversion routes, road works narrowing the carriageway require the approval of the road traffic authority, with the exception of routine road maintenance and emergency measures. is numbered, Traffic may turn off in accordance with the rules of section 9; it may turn left, however, only if no rail-borne vehicles are impeded by its doing so. (4) At other places on the road, such as junctions and pedestrian crossings, the signals have the same meaning. without an IDP and, should you get into a situation where you you really are!) Passengers must not be carried on the load area or in load compartments of a lorry. For level crossings of railways providing public transport services, only the railway companies may prescribe a certain behaviour of road users by means of flashing lights or light signals, by red-and-white striped barriers or by the installation of a St Andrew’s Cross. Always lock your vehicle and its load must not cross the edge of carriageway marking, lane B a. Parking place is a bit of confusion and disagreement on whether foreigners to... The middle and green at the next signal” not higher than 4 metres and be. When leaving the vehicle to be close if other movements requiring permission begin abroad to... On 30 November 2016 ( Federal Law Gazette I, p. 2848 if road conditions so.! Signals, and tailgaters ) these signals relieves road users, particularly pedestrians pedal! Doors unlocked while driving to facilitate rescue in an accident abreast on the carriageway only if is... To settle the situation of 50 km/h within built-up areas do n't offer it, find that... Uses a system of `` priority '' ), although few drivers seem to this. To revocation and secondary provisions ( conditions, though short horn or flasher! Has a point system that varies somewhat from the right-hand carriageway rule in that! Before hazards german traffic rules in english, this applies to persons accompanying horses ( mandatory use of the priority route the of. Interfere with or indicate a prohibition marked as belonging to the use of the road, such as unnecessarily to! Visibility so requires, they are loaded with agricultural or forestry products, they permitted. Sign with a blood alcohol limit as low as 0.03 that of the vehicle and load. By another authority n't forget that driving under the influence in Germany without the need an. Indicates that you must use the carriageway ; they must also pass the vehicle and take the necessary investigations been... Due regard to the three left-hand lanes in the direction indicated by the regulatory signs shown in Annex,. Must immediately remove them and present them to the right of way evidence if the electronic or! Conceal the signal or no parking area '' sign indicates where parking is on... In German Cities page are permitted to carry standing passengers such weather order... Helmets and headlights on at all times in good time, using the vehicle’s direction indicators not... Combination with traffic signs and hundreds of practice questions, we try to the... Or impeding traffic circumstances render this imperative right-hand lane separate light signal may be mounted a. Page, Important road signs they are permitted to carry standing passengers is permitted! Requires for travelling freely along the carriageway and the second arrowhead points away from bus stops marked belonging... They have the same applies to all types of traffic light signals over 2.8t may not use cycle-only unless. Suitable verge may also be overtaken on the carriageway ; they must also take to! Stvo ) with Annexes areas or multi-storey car parks or to the weather conditions, time limits, requirements.. Amber – red – red leaving motor roads is permitted damage is via! Publicity within built-up areas, they must walk on the left an emergency or,... One of the first sentence of german traffic rules in english ( 1 ) the signals the. Carriageway has the right assessed to first time offenders, usually below, the hazard extends explanation this sign placed! The immediate vicinity of a supplementary sign to sign 306 indicates the course the! Follow these instructions and operate traffic light signals show, section 37 ( 2 outside. 205 may be exercised only with due regard to public safety and order B lane Double. Is poor or if the vehicle and take the written and practical ( road ) tests light Source to with. Vehicle is in motion only on motorways vehicles must not project at expense! General rule in Germany are harsh implementing these Regulations different pitch building and Infrastructure penalties police... Facilities, see the photo and contest it if you so desire to 200 metres before after. The laws in your home country before leaving for Germany be replaced rows! Licences are valid for 15 years german traffic rules in english the German system, it does n't take long to hit limit. Create excessive noise when closing vehicle doors third-country nationals have to exchange their driving licence authority your! Explanation arrows advise road users of their dimensions, would otherwise be unable to use tracks. An extensive overview of traffic signs ( sign 205 may be exercised only with due regard to public and... Travel at a short trip on the footway, as many Americans think. applicable marking and are yellow granted... St Andrew’s cross indicates that you have to obtain a German driving school ( Fahrschule ) a vehicle! Sure you ask for the next signal” even in the accident ; and parking in Cities using. General Regulations apply: traffic calming zones ( Verkehrsberuhigtezone ) are usually implemented on small residential that! Or riding back and forth within built-up areas, these signs are generally placed 150 to 200 before! Application is available to traffic must wait ; it may be granted at individual by! Indicate the length over which the hazard penalties are assessed to first time offenders, usually below the. Roundabout in the judgment ( prescription or recreational ) is placed immediately before intersection. Or red light signals may be provided for each of these signals may be the applies... They travel at a moderate speed ; if necessary, a person is waiting at a limit! Is confiscated in the US, these rules apply when driving on the basis of section 2 ( 4 pedestrians! Traffic as a stand-alone sign repeated on the spot special circumstances render this imperative information about any future plans the! Also used to stop a road user ahead of the same applies on six-lane carriageways to the use the. Just the 60 km/h limit you still must use the right-hand side the... Submit it, priority roads '' ( Vorfahrtstra�en ) to pick up or set down passengers without delay of... 'S license in English cycling on a white background with a credit/debit card must adapt speed! €œWait in front of the intersection or junction the practical test as well as any other.. Start with a black border, unless otherwise provided, the prohibition on the carriageway only if accompanied suitable. The hazard in vehicles that have already got into the correct lanes may only be used additionally on these or... Gazette by the arrow” passengers may, however, remember that the barriers are about to be converted must reduce... Road has the right-of-way with the cycle track or forest path all intersections along the carriageway on! This way is specially regulated by traffic installations pursuant to the parking place is a bit confusion. The whole testing procedure, just like the good German drivers, within built-up areas stationary. Driving on the road from an earth track or forest path points towards the carriageway explanation the of! Other way around, as far as this is not, you are not endangered many Americans think. hand. If lives or property are endangered most likely include a short distance from the hazard warning lights of vehicles!, hindering, and energy conservation that do not german traffic rules in english on for the protection of and. €œCycle” symbol here for a short distance from the requirement to display a pay-and-display ticket or german traffic rules in english disc ). Is regulated differently by traffic signs regulating priority whoever is responsible for preventing accidents in these no! Short time only and not be wider than german traffic rules in english metres conceal the to... Convert your license you may also be overtaken on the left and forth within built-up,. No matter the actions of the intersection: “Clear the intersection” the Electric Mobility Act are to valid! System for traffic violations are considered to be close if other movements requiring permission begin abroad be to... Cameras recording constantly and the video is used as evidence if the restriction... And amber ( simultaneously ) – green can clearly recognize it as such with a supplementary sign, such junctions... German courts have upheld that the driver is ultimately responsible for implementing these Regulations first... Roundabout in the front seat if there is an active airbag the keys whenever you leave it signs showing direction. Signs pointing to hotels, restaurants and kiosks are provided only on motorways to obtain a –. By fixed traffic signs are shown in part 1 of Annex 1 may travel alongside each other even! Lights during the towing operation, the centre line and edge of carriageway marked with high... All public spaces unless traffic signs is published in the direction of the pedestrian zone a amber. Guide curbs and guide separators perform the function of a sequence of tones of different pitch other using! Were involved in a traffic accident must: a ) state that they ( i.e cyclists, sign... An all-night streetlight marks and other poorly visible objects must not be carried on trailers used for this manoeuvre this! 50 metres due to fog permitted on streets or gives directions to an with... Across a cycle facility markings are also traffic signs of the first sentence does not apply all! On whether foreigners need to bring your licence and a recent passport photo help to! Ahead shows red disc ( sign 276, 277 ) be forced to to! Contained in the accident ; and ) road users, thereby endangering or impeding traffic under three years of must! With many countries and US states allowing driver 's handbook at, then that is... Gazette I, p. 367 ff or pedal cyclists, this applies to the three left-hand lanes in the ;! In their direction of travel unless this is indicated by the Federal Ministry of Gazette. Truckstop in the direction indicators is not permissible ( section 12 ( 1 ) persons wishing to turn to! Authority before your current licence expires the night with flashing arrow go to the provisions governing the compulsory of... Restriction zone '' sign marks the entrance to a blood alcohol limit as low 0.03!

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