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Boruto Episode 82 review which involves Onoki, Boruto, Sarada, Cho-cho, Shikadai and Inojin. Also one episode is a Mitsuki focused episode that's Manga Canon and shows you his origins basically. Episode 137 - Focuses on a New Member joining Team 15 that's kinda important. Since it is relatively new, the story has covered just a handful of arcs so far, some of which are okay, while others are amazing, filled with great action sequences and deep storytelling. But I'll wait for the arc to finish first. Click to get the latest Pop Lists content. Arc 4: Kawaki Arc So far 184 episodes of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations (Manga Continuity) have been aired. Although this was just chapter 1, so it is far too early to speculate on how good this series will turn out. è un manga scritto da Ukyo Kodachi e disegnato da Mikio Ikemoto con la supervisione di Masashi Kishimoto.Nel novembre 2020, Kodachi si è dimesso, e Kishimoto stesso è subentrato come scrittore .Esso costituisce uno spin-off e un sequel di Naruto, dello stesso Kishimoto. Arc 14 - Episodes 141-151 (Mujina Gang Arc) (Manga Expanded Anime Canon), Arc 15 - Episodes 157-TBA (Kara Intro Arc) (Manga Expanded Anime Canon). Its a long arc but it is vital and develops and solidfys the relationships between Team 7 and develops Boruto and Mitsuk's relationship alot more along with other characters. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations has been taking up where Masashi Kishimoto's original Naruto series left off with both a new anime series and manga. Regardless of that, the anime doesn’t have to be bad. Bottomline, give Boruto a shot and try not to compare it to the original series too much and who knows, it may not turn out half bad. Viz has since 2010 never mentioned to translate them. My hopes are high though! Thought I'd do this incase anyone is interested in knowing what we got so far or if anyone is interested in watching and just wants to know where the arcs start so they can just jump to those instead of sitting through the more boring stand alone episodes we sometimes get. I was checking the arcs from the wiki, and i believe they separate 120~126 as the One-Tail Escort Arc and 127~136 the Time Slip / Urashiki Arc. These are the episodes in my opinon you should watch and hopefully enioy. ), Arc 06 - Episodes 50-66 (The Chunin Exam/Momoshiki Arcs) (Manga Canon and pretty much a big expansion of the Boruto Movie too. ), Arc 01 - Episodes 01-15 (Introduction/Nue Arc), Stand Alone Episodes Part 1 - Episodes 16-18 (Denki & Iwabe/Sarade/Uzumaki Family "Naruto Becomes Hokage" Episodes), Arc 03 - Episodes 25-32 (Hidden Mist Field Trip Arc), Stand Alone Episodes Part 2 - Episodes 33 (Inojin Episode), Arc 04 - Episodes 34-41 (Graduation/Team 7 Arc), Stand Alone Episodes Part 3 - Episodes 48-49 (Team Udon/Team Hannabi Episodes), Arc 06 - Episodes 50-66 (The Chunin Exam/Momoshiki Arc), Stand Alone Episodes Part 4 - Episodes 70 (Metal Lee & Might Guy Episode), Arc 08 - Episodes 71-92 (Ohnoki/Hidden Stone/Mitsuki Arc), Arc 09 - Episodes 93-95 (Parent and Child Day Arc), Stand Alone Episodes Part 5 - Episodes 96-97 (Namida/Shikdai Episodes), Stand Alone Episodes Part 6 - Episodes 104-105 (Mitsuki/Mitsuki & Orochimaru Recap Episodes), Arc 11 - Episodes 106-111 (The Steam Ninja Scrolls Arc), Stand Alone Episodes Part 7 - Episodes 112-115 (Naruto & Sasuke/Shikidai, Iwabi, Wasabi & Boruto/Shino & Rock Lee/Kakashi Episodes), Arc 12 - Episodes 116-119 (Konohamaru and Remon Arc), Arc 13 - Episodes 120-126 (Urashiki Arc: Part 1 - One Tail Escort) & Episodes 127-136 (Urashiki Arc: Part 2 - Time Slip), Stand Alone Episodes Part 8 - Episodes 137-140 (Team 15 & Tsubaki/Uzumaki & Hyuga Family/Enko & Ibiki/Inojin Episodes), Arc 14 - Episodes 141-151 (Mujina Gang Arc), Stand Alone Episodes Part 9 - Episodes 152-156 (Sarade/Team 15/Himawari/Mitsuki Episodes), Arc 15 - Episodes 157-TBA (Kara Actuation Arc), The moderators of this subreddit should Pin your Post on top of all other posts. First of all, Boruto was doomed to fail from the very beginning due to his extreme similarity to Naruto is terms of personality and characteristics. ‘The whole thing’s a fiction, anyway,’ he said. Oh…they’re milking it. Mr. Walker’s job was to rewrite people’s backstories. I don't think I'll ever get used to Naruto's new haircut. While we won't go as far as to say that Kawaki is Boruto's Sasuke, the two certainly share a rivalry that will end up shaping the events of Boruto's story.

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